About me

I am currently a Research Scientist at A*STAR Singapore, specializing in Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. Before joining A*STAR, I worked as a PostDoc with Prof. Mark Steedman and completed my PhD under the guidance of Prof. Mirella Lapata at the Informatics Institute of the University of Edinburgh.

My PhD research focused on Natural Language Generation, specifically data-to-text generation. I developed techniques for generating long documents (more than 200 tokens) from tables of statistics as input. My thesis, titled “Data-to-text generation with Neural Planning”, explored novel strategies for neural content planning in long document generation. My PhD thesis received the Best Dissertation in Scotland award from SICSA Scotland. During my PhD, I also interned with the Summarization team at Google Research, London.

Before my PhD, I gained valuable experience in various research positions:

I completed my MS in Computer Science by Research at IIIT Hyderabad in February 2017. My thesis focused on “Transition-based techniques for Syntactic Linearization and Deep Input Linearization.”


  • 21 Nov 2023: IndicTrans2 is accepted to Transactions of Machine Learning Research (TMLR) - Preprint
  • 13 Nov 2023: VerityMath for applying unit consistency check for math problem solving - Preprint
  • 9 Oct 2023: Two papers accepted to EMNLP. DecoMT is accepted to Main and CTQScorer to Findings - DecoMT Preprint - CTQScorer Preprint


For my latest publications, please visit my Google Scholar profile.