About me

I am a final year PhD student in Informatics Institute at the University of Edinburgh. I am advised by Prof. Mirella Lapata. My interests are in the field of Natural Language Processing and Deep Learning. My PhD work is in Natural Language Generation involving data-to-text generation, more specifically generating long documents (more than 200 tokens) given a table of statistics as input. As part of my PhD, I have explored novel strategies of neural content planning for long document generation.

Prior to this, I worked as a Research Assistant with Prof. Yue Zhang in NLP lab at SUTD, Singapore. I completed my MS in CS by Research at IIIT Hyderabad in Feb 2017. My thesis topic was “Transition based technique for Syntactic Linearization and Deep Input Linearization”. I have also worked as a Research Engineer in the NLP lab lab at IIT Bombay with Prof. Pushpak Bhattacharyya. Even earlier, I was a Technical Architect in a Software Product firm in the Research division.

I have also worked in other problems in NLP including Summarization, Syntactic Linearization, Machine Translation and Transliteration, Word Sense Disambiguation, and application of NLP techniques in the financial domain.

I am on the job market.

Research Positions

  • Intern in the Summarization team, Google Research, London [Jun'19 - Oct'19]
  • Research Assistant, SUTD NLP Lab, Singapore [Mar'17 - Aug'17 ]
  • Research Engineer, IIT Bombay NLP Lab, India [May'14 - Dec'14 ]
  • Papers